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London Drainage Facilities was established in 2006 and is a leading provider of planned and emergency drain repair services, as well as providing plumbing, tanker and groundwork services across London, the South East and Beyond. It’s aim is to be proactive, with a successful fleet of over 40 fully equipped vehicles which enable them to be ready to help with minimal downtime to clients. It supports both residential and business customers from a wide range of industries such as health care, hospitality, aviation and defence. “We’re undergoing some substantial growth at the moment,” comments Antony Jones, Head of Fleet Operations. “So, as we grow, so does our fleet. Without that, we simply can’t do our job. And as the call for our services increases, we need to procure vehicles to allow us to respond to demand in a timely way. This is where Jason and Capital Fleet Solutions came in.”

After chatting with Jason, Antony was initially struck by one thing, “they really did take the time to understand our needs and what we were looking for,” he adds. “Traditionally we’ve handled the fit out ourselves, which has taken time, and as you grow as a business, you don’t want to be spending effort on van procurement when there are so many other things to do. All I did was chat to Jason and leave that conversation feeling like they were going to take care of it all, which was really reassuring.”

As well as taking away the hassle, Capital Fleet also helped Antony realise a more efficient and cost effective procurement process. “We’re only growing,” he said. “So our needs are only going to increase. Anything that will help us to save money, time and resource is only going to benefit us in the future as well as now. We also needed vehicles quickly, as we didn’t want to turn away business due to lack of vans. I was really pleased with how quickly they managed to set up, brand and deliver the vehicle after we ordered it. One thing that is a game changer for us is the, ‘one stop shop' so to speak. The quality of the final product, the ability to cater for all our needs and the rapid turnaround is all first class.”

2024-06-12 - Vicky