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Specialist Vans For The Plumbing Trade

Looking for the perfect van for your plumbing business but dont't have the time to contact multiple suppliers to set it all up?

Ultimately as your daily ‘office’, it’s vital that your v an is well organised and set up so you can access the plumbing tools you need, quickly.

This is where we come in. At Capital Fleet Solutions we manage the complete package, from sourcing the van and sign writing, to kitting out your interior as per your specification. It is our goal to enable you to get on the road and delivering your business as soon as possible and our extensive range of partners and providers allow us to do just that.

We work with new businesses, offering guidance on van set ups and helping with finance (which can be challenging if you’re just starting out), as well as established plumbers who know and understand just what they want.

You may not need a whole van set up – it may be just the van, sign writing or just the interior set up. Well, we can help there too. We have over 100 years’ combined experience in the fleet management business, so you’re in safe hands.

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Our bespoke van packages can include:

  1. A new van - make and model of your choice
  2. Any specific machinery or set up (eg pipe tubes)
  3. Van wrapping or branding
  4. Full range of equipment to suit your needs, such as:
  1. Sign writing, wrapping or branding the vehicle
  2. Ply lining, flooring
  3. Exterior racking
  4. Lighting, light strips and beacons
  5. Ladder clamps
  6. Alarms, dead/slam locks and vaults
  7. Internal shelving, racking, drawers and tool holders
  8. Tool organisers
  9. Pipe Holders
  10. Wash Basins

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How We Have Helped Others:

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