White van
28/05/2021 - Vicky Dodimead

The Government has announced that there is a new temporary tax relief on some qualifying investments from 1 April 2021. And the even better news is that this enhanced allowance does apply to new vans and all the new equipment, which could be up to £75000 + Vat for a fully fitted drainage van.

25/05/2021 - Chris McCauley and Jason Ahmet

As normality begins to return, for the drainage sector it may feel very much like business has continued in the same way as it always has. After all, drains don’t stop getting blocked up because of a pandemic. And because of this, renewing or replacing a van or kit may appear to be a normal part of business. Some may have experienced a delay or difficulty in sourcing a brand new van which, given the current climate of Brexit and a pandemic, makes sense. However, you may be surprised to learn that there is another reason which is causing this trouble – and sadly vans are not the only goods affected.

van in town
21/05/2021 - Vicky Dodimead

Van leasing and financing specialist Capital Fleet Solutions is delighted to welcome Chris McCauley and Jason Ahmet to its sales team.